Corpay One

Corpay One's comprehensive spend management tool is transforming how businesses manage their spend. An all-in-one solution, Corpay One is designed specifically for businesses and accounting firms seeking to automate company-wide spending, making bill pay less time-consuming and more profitable as a service.

Why use Corpay One? The platform:

  • Empowers accountants to automate document and data capture
  • Has smarter approvals and custom workflows (think "if this, then that" rules)
  • Manages vendor payments
  • Simplifies expense reimbursements, like expense reports
  • Syncs both ways with QBO and Xero, in real time
  • Has an advisor-specific dashboard to create and manage clients, build workflow templates, and more
  • Offers an integrated smart company card - capture all spending with the Corpay One Mastercard®

Sound interesting? Corpay One works hand-in-hand with your accounting system, powering it up with a real-time sync to help you simplify your accounting workflow. Corpay One is easy to implement with full onboarding support from your dedicated Advisor Manager.

Reclaim time spent on manual tasks, so you can focus more on being a proactive advisor for your clients.


Starting Line Up: Corpay One

CorpayOne is simplifying spend management and rewarding accountants! See Corpay One in the Team Brolin Starting Lineup.

"Everything you need for payments, expense management, credit cards and more all in one smart, simple solution called Corpay One." - Dawn Brolin

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