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Scaling New Heights Conference

Fort Worth Convention Center 1201 Houston Street, Texas

The accounting and bookkeeping professions are facing formidable challenges including technology disruptions, enterprise-level competitors, increased commoditization, stifling workloads, an imminent retirement bubble, and clients who devalue accounting services. Though these challenges may seem daunting, they are not insurmountable. With the right strategy, information, and resources, you can endure...even thrive. So, we designed Scaling New Heights […]


Webinar: The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals: Reassess Your Success to Maximize Tax Season Profits

Dawn Brolin, author of the new book, The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals, leads this strategy-focused session to help you implement key changes for more productivity and profitability this tax season. In this session you will go through a reassessment process to help you determine the path for your firm moving forward, post-COVID, and in […]

Webinar: The Point of No Return: Reap Revenue Opportunities Beyond Tax Preparation

Is tax season your firm’s major revenue generation source? Are you looking for new opportunities to not only increase your profitability during the busy season but to make more money all year long? Do you believe the only way to grow firm revenues during tax season is by adding additional clients and/or increasing your prices? […]

Webinar: How to Get More Tax Returns Done with No Overtime

This session is designed for any tax pro who wants a smoother and more productive tax season.  Dawn Brolin, CPA, will identify key challenges that must be addressed for staff to be fully productive during peak times without having to resort to late nights and overtime. She will start with how to get clients to […]

Webinar with ADP: Practice PowerSHIFTing Making the Move from Bookkeeping to Tax and Tax to Advisory

ADP Webinar

Learn how to streamline and transform your transactional practice to create a proactive practice with these PowerSHIFT strategies from The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals, Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, and Sean Duncan, CPA,  Founder of SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC. In this session you will learn: How to identify, structure, and implement the transformational shifts […]


Webinar: Make SmartVault the MVP of Your Tax Season Leveraging Integrations with Lacerte, Karbon, and Liscio

SmartVault Webinar

Maximizing the true profit potential of your practice during tax season is only possible if you have A-players on your team. SmartVault has been part of Dawn Brolin, The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals’ Starting Lineup for more than 10 tax seasons. In this webinar learn why Dawn considers SmartVault the Most Valuable Player in […]

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