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Topic:  How My Children Saved My Business

As an entrepreneur we work very hard to grow a business while sacrificing the very people we love and support.  In this talk, find out how my children helped me during a very tough year to keep business moving forward.  Children are observant and sensitive to the hard work you are putting in.  See how it paid off for me! 

Educating while entertaining...

Topic:  How I got to $2Million Big Ones

This talk was specifically targeted to those entrepreneurs who do not have systems in place, make excuses, and those who do not realize that success requires getting up when you get knocked down.  Listen to how I made a conscious decision not to be defeated but rather thrive regardless of circumstances.


Topic:  Business War Chest:  Avoiding an audit

No small business owner ever wants to be audited. Even if you don’t owe any money, the time it takes to gather all of the necessary documents forces you to focus on things other than running your company. Dawn Brolin of Powerful Accounting tells us about some red flags that may trigger an audit

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