I use Tri-Merit for tax credit studies and it makes the process so much easier! As accounting professionals, tax credit studies may not be something you do every day –or want to do. Luckily for you, Tri-Merit does.

Tri-Merit supports CPAs, CFOs and owners of small-to-midsize businesses by serving as an extension of their advisory team to lessen the tax burden and increase cash flow. They work with companies to uncover the engineering, manufacturing and product development data needed to support claiming engineering-based tax incentives such as the R&D tax credit, and tax planning strategies such as cost segregation.

Tri-Merit turns a complex process into a refreshingly straightforward experience that requires minimal time and effort from CPAs and their clients. Check them out here

Listen to the DM Disruption Podcast episode with TriMerit

Learn how Dawn is partnering with Tri-Merit on R& D tax credits and cost segregation.

Starting Lineup: Tri-Merit

Tri-Merit allows accounting professionals to focus on advisory conversations with their clients while they do the deep-dive into R& D tax credits and cost segregation studies. See Tri-Merit in the Team Brolin Starting Lineup.

"Now I have confidence and clarity when it comes to expert resources for tax credit studies and other specialized tax services." - Dawn Brolin

Partner with Tri-Merit
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