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Think about this, how many of you give out your personal cell phone to your clients?  How many of you regret it?  I actually added a personal phone line to my plan that I literally only give out to friends and family.  I tell them this “If you text me or call me on this personal phone about something to do with business, I will block your number.”  

I do this because when I leave my office, I want to have time outside of work. I don’t want to be answering texts while I am on the softball field or at home watching a show with my daughter(s).  I want ME time.  I want to play Candy crush in peace.  You know what I am saying!

Over the last couple of months, I discovered an app that eliminates my need to give out my cell phone to my clients at all, but that still retains that extremely personal touch.  I found a better way to communicate and meet my clients where they are without having it disrupt my personal time. The app I chose is Liscio.

Liscio is a secure, quiet, organized space for clients to communicate with me (and vice versa) I can now CHOOSE when I answer a client's communication.  The app lets me know what has been answered and what is still outstanding.  Client-facing tasks keep them on track.  And they can use the integrated mobile scanner to send me the documents we need quickly (kind of like depositing a check securely using a banking app!) 

This is really important, too: Anyone on my team can see all of the communications from every client so that it isn’t 100% on me to answer every single request from a client. Because we love it and our clients love it, Liscio fills the client experience position in my Starting Lineup of technology I use to run my practice.

Take a tour of Liscio for yourself, consider how it can support your firm’s own client experience—one that keeps everyone on your team motivated to reach higher and actually experience true happiness in the process! (And take back your personal cell phone number!)

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Hear how Dawn's firm, Powerful Accounting, uses  Liscio to serve her clients and what Liscio is doing to transform the client experience  and improve workflow for accounting professionals.

Starting Line Up Member #2: Liscio

Liscio is helping firms create a home run client experience! Learn more about the Team Brolin Starting Lineup.

Liscio is redefining how your accounting firm serves clients!

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