"When I heard how Truly Financial would streamline my business banking, I had to sign up for an account right away. No way am I going to miss this!"

- Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE
The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals

Learn How to Partner with Truly Financial   

Truly Financial 

Partnering with Truly Financial helps you offer your clients and their customers frictionless, collaborative banking solutions anywhere in the world.

Truly Financial provides accessible, all-in-one banking that gives SMBs superpowers only larger businesses could afford.

You get multi-country corporate Visa cards, local and international bank accounts, and the ability to send or receive payments seamlessly.

Dawn uses Truly Financial to help business owners grow without getting slowed down by high fees or big bank bureaucracy.

Read more about why Truly is changing the game for accounting professionals and their clients on the Team Brolin blog

Get Dawn's Take on Truly Financial for Accountants

Listen to Truly Financial's Mike Milan on The DM Disruption podcast to hear about the changing financial services landscape, digital banking, and how you can help your clients navigate it!

Starting Line Up: Truly Financial

The entire Team Brolin Starting Lineup gets the home field advantage thanks to Truly Financial!  See Truly Financial in action here.  

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