The Designated Motivator By Dawn W. Brolin, CPA, CFE

The Designated Motivator is a book for anyone who wants to change their life, the world and everyone in it.

Who is a Designated Motivator (DM)? It could be you! If you're an individual who has the passion and ability to give others the greatest gift of all: the realization and mobilization of their true potential. Using their superpower to empower others to believe in themselves so they can achieve at higher levels than they thought were possible.

I wrote this book because I truly believe that we need a #MotivationMovement across this country and really, the world! There is far too much potential wasted due to lack of engagement and encouragement in business and our personal lives. Imagine what just a little encouragement and empowerment could do for you--and the people around you. It truly can make a life-changing difference on so many levels driving your personal beliefs, achievement and business goals forward, past all limitations!

I decided a long time ago that I wanted to make a difference, that is how I started down this DM path. I felt the desire in my soul and the fire in my belly to do what I could to make people realize how gifted they are and to help them see and seize the possibility they held within them. 

I hope you’ll join me and learn how to seize your DM superpower and make a significant and lasting difference in the world!

Let’s do this!

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What People Are Saying About The Designated Motivator

“As you start to read this book, you will feel the energy yourself. You will feel a shift inside you that can never be undone. You will find that there is a Designated Motivator waiting to be awakened in you and anyone you, well, designate.

When you become a DM it exponentially improves every area of your life. Your business will improve, your personal life will improve, the people in your orbit will be more engaged. You will thrive. The people who benefit from the DM will also have improvement throughout their lives.”

-Mike Michalowicz, Author, Profit First and Designated Motivator for Entrepreneurs

“Many of us are thrust into leadership not knowing what that exactly means. We struggle to do it well. We try hard and yet we are not sure if we are having an impact. The best leaders are DMs, what Dawn calls a Designated Motivator. DMs have the influence to positively change behavior and that is what leadership is at its core. This book is refreshing in that it reminds us that all of us can be a DM to our peers, our colleagues, and our communities. As you read it, you recall those who have been important DMs in your own life, and that makes you smile. That feeling reminds you why and inspires you to go out into the world today and be a great leader one DM moment at a time.”  

-Jody Padar, The Radical CPA, Author & Strategic Leader

“Most of the time when I read a business book, I feel like the author is talking “at” me and telling me all of the things that they know how to do better and that is why they are writing to book to shout from the mountaintop of their superiority and their ability to share it with us out of the kindness of their heart.

Dawn Brolin is not like that, in fact, Dawn is the person that I can genuinely say is like no other person on this planet, but I knew that before I read her book. Throughout the whole book, Dawn is talking to us and never at us. It is almost like she is in our head because before we can ask her a question about what she is talking about, she writes in a way that she is already responding to the questions that she knows that we will have, it really is like having a conversation with her. She not only talks about but gives us real live relatable examples of when things worked and when they did not, as we all know that we can sometimes learn more from our failures and Dawn is not afraid to put those out there but embraces them.

The meaning of “WIN”, will change my mindset forever now, it is not the being on top but “What’s Important Now?”

Dawn practices what she preaches and now I have a name that I can put to her actions, she is a true leader. I would recommend this book not to just business owners but to anyone that is looking to find their place, at home, at work, in hobbies; this knowledge share is good for any age or education level, it is not your normal business book.”

-Robin Hall, President & Principal Consultant, VARC Solutions

“Before this book I had never heard the term designated motivator, but it is something that has always been very important to me. The past couple of months (6+) have been very challenging for me and left me questioning myself more than I ever should have.

As time went on, the anxiety of responsibility only seemed to multiply, cementing me further and further into my frozen state.

Now that I have started accepting help and support from my own community of  Designated Motivators, what was once an overwhelming pile of tasks has quickly transformed into a roadmap to the next chapter of my life. In full disclosure, I am still only 25% up that hill, but this book has helped to remind me that when I reach that summit, I will be able to share this journey with others and will hopefully be able to inspire others "to have confidence in themselves."

Thank you, Dawn, for being my designated motivator!

-Matthew Fulton, Parkway Business Solutions

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