Meet Starting Lineup member, RCReports. It’s the solution I am using for reasonable compensation reporting. 

If you have S-Corp and small business clients, you know they need to be accurately calculating their compensation for income and self-employment tax purposes. 

RCReports makes this analysis simple, and you can use their proprietary reporting data for business valuations and other advisory services, making it easy to create additional revenue for your firm. 

Check out RCReports at RCReports.com so you can add revenue into your advisory and tax services, too.

RCReports is definitely a solution to look at before tax season. See how it stacks up in my Starting Lineup, a complete roster of technology solutions and partners that I use in my own accounting practice, Powerful Accounting, Inc.

Listen to the DM Disruption Podcast episode with RCReports

Learn how Dawn's firm, Powerful Accounting, uses RC Reports for reasonable compensation reporting.

Starting Line Up: Reasonable Comp Reporting with RCReports

See RCReports in the Team Brolin Starting Lineup.

"Closely-held businesses need reasonable comp analysis and it's the perfect add-on to increase revenue generation with tax and advisory services" - Dawn Brolin

Get RCReports for easy reasonable comp analysis.
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