There’s no denying the facts: cybersecurity threats are real, they are increasingly frequent and sophisticated in their frequency, and they can also cause havoc in your firm’s operations, not to mention the potentially devastating impact they could have on your clients.

While many of us know these facts and can appreciate the seriousness of the threats, it is also easy to become numb to news about cybersecurity because there is so much information. It is exactly for this reason that as accounting professionals, we need to implement a cybersecurity strategy, bolstered by an extremely reliable and secure IT infrastructure, supported by experts who are intimately familiar with the operational needs of firms like ours. 

This is exactly what you get with Visory and their Visory Stack IT services, data protection, and technical assistance delivered with their trademark Obsessive Support®.

See Why Dawn Loves Visory

Visory offers accounting firms a complete solution based on the four essential pillars of cybersecurity protection necessary to mitigate as many threats as possible, plus meeting the compliance requirements for IRS data security. Learn more about it here.

Starting Line Up: Visory

The entire Team Brolin Starting Lineup is secured with Visory. Make the move to protect your firm.  Be proactive! Check it out here

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