Have you heard about Jirav? If not, and you want to expand into advisory services, then you need to listen up, then head over to jirav.com to check it out yourself.

Jirav is an automated FP&A platform, if you are looking to expand into advisory services, this is one application you need to check out. I’ve been working with Evan from Jirav over the past few months to implement Jirav in my practice and it’s been a great experience so far.

What I really love about Jirav is that it enables me to provide my clients with deeper, faster insights into their financials. It really helps you understand where your clients’ business has been and helps them make some informed predictions they can plan around.

Another really amazing thing about Jirav is that the system joins your cloud-based accounting, HR, CRM and billing data into a really sophisticated, interconnected model that is unique to your clients’ business. Plus, it eliminates spreadsheet errors and gives you monthly reports in real-time.

Everything is connected which means the data that drives Jirav can also drive revenue into your firm by giving you the ability to truly become a trusted business advisor to your clients. You can collaborate on multiple scenarios from bookings, billing, revenue recognition, cash flow, and workforce/expense planning all in Jirav.

Another exciting thing about Jirav? There’s an integration available with ADP Run. This means that all of that payroll data from ADP can feed Jirav, too!

So if you are serious about becoming a business advisor to your clients and transitioning your practice from transactional service provider to being a transformative business advisor, go to jirav.com and get started!!

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If your firm wants to transition to an advisory model 
you need to check out Jirav!

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