The Designated Motivator, Dawn Brolin CPA, CFE

Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, and founder of Team Brolin has a new book, The Designated Motivator: Unlock Your Superpower to Change Your Life, The World & Everyone In It.

Brolin wrote the book after what she refers to as a “pivotal experience” when she was an assistant coach for a college softball team which made it to the national championship in 2019.   “I felt the desire in my soul and the fire in my belly to do what I could to make the team members realize how gifted they are and to help them see and seize the possibility they had within them,” said Brolin.

This “fire in her belly” inspired her to write The Designated Motivator. Brolin defines herself as a Designated Motivator, or DM, for short—an individual who has the passion and ability to give others the greatest gift of all: the realization and mobilization of their true potential. She knows there are millions of other people who share these qualities and wants to inspire them into action by creating a global Motivation Movement.

“I always knew I had the power to lift others up and help them to step into their greatest potential, but I never really put a name to what it meant,” Brolin shared. “It was in 2019 when I was coaching The Lady Warriors Team at Eastern Connecticut State University that I really began to see the power of the DM concept to make the lives of other people better and the world a more positive and productive place.  That’s what motivated me to share the specific mindset and skillset I use so that others can do the same.”

Brolin sees the potential in many people that is wasted due to a lack of engagement and encouragement in business, as well as other areas of life from families to sports teams and beyond.

“Imagine what just a little encouragement and empowerment could do for you and the people around you. It truly can make a life-changing difference on so many levels, allowing people to advance your personal beliefs, achievements and goals forward, past all limitations!” said Brolin. “The Designated Motivator book provides a detailed roadmap to learn how to put your desire to motivate and move yourself and others into positive action and make a real difference in all areas of your life which also has immense impact on the quality of life in our world,” said Brolin.  

 The Designated Motivator is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and the Kindle and paperback versions will be available May 24.  The book shares the transformative impact that individuals can have on other people individually and in families, businesses, schools, sports and non-profit organizations, healthcare facilities and other areas which are meaningful to them.

“I believe there are millions of other people who are Designated Motivators, although they may not really know how to use their superpower for the highest good,” said Brolin, “I decided to write a book that detailed the responsibilities, mindset and skill set of a Designated Motivator so that as many people as possible can use the information to help change their lives, make the world better and support the people they know in different areas of their life.”

To learn more about Team Brolin, Dawn Brolin and the book,  download the Designated Motivator FAQs or search for the #MotivationMovement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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