Do You Have Clients Going Global? Truly Financial Opens Up a World of Opportunities

April 25, 2022

Now that working with remote teams is the new normal of business, many of us are learning about the challenges of making sure everyone has the tools they need to work effectively.

One of my Starting Lineup Members, Truly Financial, has got your back (and your clients, too!) when it comes to supporting the banking needs of a remote team. 

Truly Financial offers more freedom, by offering physical and digital Visa cards to any employee, anywhere In the world. This means businesses can now attract, hire and support the best employees, no matter where they live. 

This is a critical advantage, especially for small businesses that aren’t always able to qualify for corporate cards at traditional banks. Truly Financial allows a business of any size to qualify, and doesn’t include an asterisk noting a daily minimum spending number.

Often times, banks will make it hard to see the actions of your entire team in one place. Maybe there is someone across the border or there is a limit on the number of accounts you can open. Truly Financial has a dashboard where you can see all of the transactions that all your employees have made in one convenient location.

Pretty cool, right? Well, it gets even better because Truly Financial also allows you to forget the frustration of waiting for money to be exchanged into different currencies or a large payment to go through to clear with the bank before work can begin on a project. 

Another reason why Truly is an amazing partner? They work hard to earn trust with their partners and clients. All you need is your recipient’s bank account details and you can send one-day payments to over 40 countries. Or, if your supplier is in a country not on Truly Financial’s Express Network, if they are also using Truly Financial, they receive your payment in one day as well!

Now that I understand just how significantly banking needs to change for all of us, especially with remote work and globalization in the here and now, I am even more passionate about telling my peers and my clients about making a change to a bank that can help you leverage these trends to your advantage. Truly Financial is the change we need and our clients do, too. 

Take a tour of Truly Financial here.

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