Success in firm management is often directly impacted by the quality of client relationships. Great client management, in turn, is often a result of great workflow.

A firm that gets workflow right has a higher chance of aligning its clients to its processes and seeing success. 

Oftentimes, firms want their clients to do the right thing — respond to requests on time, send files to the right places, pay well and on time, etc. But without the right workflow in place, this will be difficult.

In this webinar, Dawn will show you how to optimize your firm’s workflow and build successful client relationships so you can have the peace of mind you need to scale your firm.

Each day, Kellie and Dawn will take turns showing you how to systematically document your processes and develop your workflow so you can:

By the end of this 3-day challenge, you should have your workflows built out and ready to go!
Check out the full schedule and register here:

Date: November 8th 12:00-1:00pm EST

Is bouncing between multiple systems slowing you down? Join Dawn Brolin, CPA, CPE of Powerful Accounting, as she shares how connecting SmartVault with Financial Cents took her firm’s workflow to the next level. With this integration, you can manage not only your tasks, data, and documents with SmartVault, but also your time and profit margins in Financial Cents. As Dawn describes, it’s the ultimate way to supercharge your workflow ahead of tax season. In this webinar, you’ll discover: – Exactly why Dawn connected her document and practice management solutions – Dawn’s insider tips to maximize the benefits of this integration – The workflow improvements and cost savings her firm has achieved since By leveraging these integrated systems, you can streamline processes, spend your time more effectively, avoid burnout, and better serve your clients – this tax season and beyond. Register today!

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