In this session, Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, shares her step-by-step client onboarding process for three key client service opportunities: monthly accounting, tax preparation, and advisory services using her onboarding technology linchpins, Liscio and SmartVault.

During the session you will learn Dawn’s approach to eliminating bottlenecks, cyber security risks, and the inefficiencies that reduce profitability during client onboarding. By leveraging two key players in her Team Brolin Starting Lineup tech stack, Liscio and SmartVault, Dawn will break down a practical onboarding process enabling you to take on more clients, in less time, while providing each one with an exceptional experience.

You will also see the exact client engagement and other templates that Dawn uses in her client onboarding process as well as how she uses specific technology tools to make the entire process streamlined, secure and seamless. At the end of the session  you will have everything you need, step-by-step, to make client onboarding more efficient and your client experience even better in your firm.

Learning Objectives:


Create a Streamlined Secure Document Management System for Tech Stack Efficiency

Wednesday, May 25, 2022: 12pm EDT

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Course Description

The post-tax season is prime time for learning about and implementing the new technologies that will help your firm achieve the highest possible levels of efficiency to drive productivity and profitability.

Having the right infrastructure to support paperless document management is ground zero for advancing cyber security, workflow efficiencies, employee productivity, and client collaboration.

However, as Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, and The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals will share in this webinar, there are some key steps for success that are critical in order to get your firm ready to implement an advanced document management system (DMS).

Learning Objectives:


Maximizing the true profit potential of your practice during tax season is only possible if you have A-players on your team. SmartVault has been part of Dawn Brolin, The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals’ Starting Lineup for more than 10 tax seasons. In this webinar learn why Dawn considers SmartVault the Most Valuable Player in her tax season workflow–before she even starts a tax return! Plus, Dawn will share with you all of her time-saving, productivity-boosting tax season workflows to help you maximize the power of SmartVault’s integrations with other key players in Dawn’s tax season playbook including Karbon, Lacerte, and Liscio.

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