This session is all about resources for small to mid-size entrepreneurs and business owners…or those who are considering the creation of a business. It will help you prioritize what matters and your focus on resources, growth, cash flow, client management, etc. Not to be missed!

Progressive tax and accounting professionals are making  the shift toward advisory services as a fundamental strategy to support the future viability of their firms and  professional careers. To expand existing and prospective client relationships further, many of these accounting leaders are leveraging reasonable compensation analysis as an entry point to create enhanced revenue opportunities while keeping their clients in full tax compliance. 

In this session, Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, will show you how she is integrating reasonable compensation into her tax and advisory service product packages and as a revenue-generating conversation starter. In addition you will learn how to: 

Attend this webinar to see first-hand from a fellow practitioner how to  rev up your revenue by incorporating reasonable compensation analysis and the supporting technology that makes it easy to expand your advisory services and ensure your clients are fully compliant with their payroll  tax obligations.  Register here.


Automation is the key to efficiency and profitability in the accounting profession. It enables firms to maximize workflow and increase capacity to focus on advising clients. One of the most fundamental ways to realize immediate benefits from automation is beginning with a powerful spend management platform.

In this webinar, Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, and The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals, demonstrates how implementing a comprehensive spend management platform allows her to optimize workflow processes to focus on higher level advisory services and provide her clients with an intuitive and secure solution for all aspects of their payment needs.

Learning Objectives:

This webinar is for practitioners offering bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory services and firms looking to increase and expand their revenue streams by utilizing payables as part of their service offerings.

Tax season is no time to be dealing with bottlenecks, cyber security risks, and inefficiencies that increase stress and reduce profitability during client onboarding and communications. That’s why now is the time to implement smart strategies to proactively put an end to these productivity issues by streamlining all of your client communications in one place and saying goodbye to unsecured email and tax documentation.

In this session, Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, shares her step-by-step client onboarding process for tax preparation starting with a “one place” philosophy for client onboarding and tax communication linchpin, Liscio. She will show you how to take on more clients, in less time, while providing each one with an exceptional experience to help you, and your clients, be less stressed, and ready to hit the ground running come January 1.

Learning Objectives:

Register now!

Deep Six Your Firm’s Hidden Security Risks Before Busy Season with Dawn Brolin

Most tax and accounting professionals know that data security is a hot topic and have some protections in place for their tech stack, However, surface-level security is not enough to meet the IRS 4557 Security Six requirements. You need to go deeper into device-level and data-driven security practices. The question that arises is how? The process doesn’t need to be intimidating as The Designated Motivator, Dawn Brolin, CPA and owner of Powerful Accounting will show you in this webinar.

Partnering with Visory, CTO, Wes Stillman, Dawn is diving deep to help you evaluate and evolve your security planning to meet the ever-increasing risks that make tax and accounting professionals and their teams particularly vulnerable to experiencing data theft and losses as well as those that threaten the continuity of their firm’s operations.

In this session you will learn:

Why it’s not enough to focus solely on the software solutions that you’re using in your firm, and how you need to approach protecting all of your devices as well.

How to evaluate your current technology to ensure you have the essential tools and protections you need to run your firm effectively. Specific strategies for meeting the requirements of the IRS 4557 “Security Six” requirements that many standard security practices do not typically address.

The components of the deep security strategy and plan that all PTIN holders need to have enacted in their practices to satisfy the IRS 4557 requirements before this tax season begins. It’s time to deep six your hidden security risks and get your security plan in place to satisfy the IRS 4557 requirements before tax and busy season hit.

Attend this webinar to get all of the tools, technology and actionable steps you need to check this off your list to achieve peace of mind and new levels of productivity. Register now.


Attend this live webinar with Dawn Brolin, CPA CFE, who chose Canopy for her own firm and is pulling back the curtain so you can learn exactly how to evaluate and implement Canopy for your firm’s needs.

In this session you’ll learn:
• How to evaluate what your firm needs from a practice management solution.
• Learn how Canopy’s QuickBooks integration and many other tools can add value
• See the step-by-step process Dawn uses to implement Canopy, including the onboarding process and real client workflows
• Takeaway actionable strategies and a complete implementation checklist

Be the leader your firm and clients need you to be in 2022.

Join Alison Ball, Director of Marketing and Influencer Strategy at Liscio, and a panel of accounting experts for this inspiring episode of Practice Excellence.

As history proves, it’s necessary to look to the future to lead your firm and navigate through the year. We didn’t see last year coming, but we’ve already had 12 months to take stock and prepare for what’s next. So let’s not let the next 12 months take us by surprise. Be the leader your firm and your clients need you to be.

To achieve this, we need to remind ourselves about the importance of leadership, how to lead, and what our teams and clients expect. As well as exploring ways that you can take the pain out of running your firm; from client collaboration to internal practice management. There is a better way to organize your work and your life while offering more value to your clients.

While you can’t predict what’s coming with perfect certainty, you can develop much more clarity than you might imagine about what you could and should become – create a vision, define a plan, and set it into motion.
This practical session will cover:

In this session, Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, shares her step-by-step client onboarding process for three key client service opportunities: monthly accounting, tax preparation, and advisory services using her onboarding technology linchpins, Liscio and SmartVault.

During the session you will learn Dawn’s approach to eliminating bottlenecks, cyber security risks, and the inefficiencies that reduce profitability during client onboarding. By leveraging two key players in her Team Brolin Starting Lineup tech stack, Liscio and SmartVault, Dawn will break down a practical onboarding process enabling you to take on more clients, in less time, while providing each one with an exceptional experience.

You will also see the exact client engagement and other templates that Dawn uses in her client onboarding process as well as how she uses specific technology tools to make the entire process streamlined, secure and seamless. At the end of the session  you will have everything you need, step-by-step, to make client onboarding more efficient and your client experience even better in your firm.

Learning Objectives:


Clients are relying on their accountants and bookkeepers more than ever to learn what technology solutions are available and which solutions are the best fit for them. Accounting professionals have the opportunity to do this while also elevating their status to trusted advisors, by educating clients on key issues. Join Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, and QuickBooks Top 10 ProAdvisor, and Kelly Gonsalves, QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor (™) and Insightful Accountant Top 10 ProAdvisor, as they talk about how to minimize risk and fraud exposure while keeping tech workflows streamlined. And most important – how to express to clients why these changes matter so you can rally them to your side.

In this session, Dawn Brolin and Kelly Gonsalves will address the two main topics that can get clients interested and keep them committed to your chosen tech stack: security and simplicity.  Not only will these two powerhouses be discussing the most impactful takeaways for clients regarding security and streamlining workflows, but they will also provide you with actionable guidance to confidently talk to clients about adopting your recommended tech stack, risk management, and many more areas of your client’s business.

Learning Objectives:

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