If you feel overworked this tax season, it’s time to get your life back! Join Dawn Brolin, CPA, as she takes you through her billing model best practices, identifies scalable approaches to tax advisory services, and shares practical insights that will redefine your client experience. You will also learn how Dawn leverages Intuit ProConnect and Quickbooks Online to deliver higher-value tax advisory services. Finally, we will show you a sneak peek of the newest Intuit ProConnect and Ignition integration.

Learning Objectives:


Sick of hammering out 1040s for clients who don’t listen and don’t seem to care?  It’s time to elevate yourself and your practice and get paid what you are worth!

Join Dawn Brolin (Powerful Accounting and your Designated Motivator) for a special workshop on Thursday, January 25th where she walks you through how she took control of her practice, shed most of her clients, and doubled her income.  Dawn will review step-by-step how she engineered the practice of her dreams from the nightmare she had been grinding away in.  During the workshop, she will cover:

Participants will receive the workbook to take you through the process step-by-step, a copy of Dawn’s letters and checklist to use in your practice, and her special pricing guide for how she created subscription relationship pricing for these clients.

Due to the nature of the workshop, attendance is limited to 100 people so each attendee can get their questions answered! Register Now!!!!

Date: November 8th 12:00-1:00pm EST

Is bouncing between multiple systems slowing you down? Join Dawn Brolin, CPA, CPE of Powerful Accounting, as she shares how connecting SmartVault with Financial Cents took her firm’s workflow to the next level. With this integration, you can manage not only your tasks, data, and documents with SmartVault, but also your time and profit margins in Financial Cents. As Dawn describes, it’s the ultimate way to supercharge your workflow ahead of tax season. In this webinar, you’ll discover: – Exactly why Dawn connected her document and practice management solutions – Dawn’s insider tips to maximize the benefits of this integration – The workflow improvements and cost savings her firm has achieved since By leveraging these integrated systems, you can streamline processes, spend your time more effectively, avoid burnout, and better serve your clients – this tax season and beyond. Register today!

Join us on Nov 8th to explore how your firm can shift to optimize an existing subscription price model. CPA.com and Jirav will be hosting the webinar “How the Subscription Model Can Transform Your Firm via FP&A Advisory”. Ron Baker and Devon Saris moderate a practical session with Dawn W. Brolin, CPA, CFE, Jody Grunden, CPA, and Jenni Huotari to discuss key strategies for making and maintaining the transition.


Register below to learn more and find long-term value for your firm.



Reasonable compensation is one of the most misunderstood topics in the tax realm, and it can have very real and impactful implications on your clients and your firm. If you work with S Corps, you have a duty of care to ensure that your clients are taking appropriate reasonable compensation and have this figure documented using unbiased data every year. Failing to do so can potentially result in back taxes, penalties, and interest for your clients, and preparer penalties for you.

Learn from the mistakes of past practitioners by attending this fast-paced session that will reveal the horrors that can occur when reasonable comp is butchered.

Automate and Consolidate Technology for Your Practice with Corpay

In the fast-evolving digital business environment, enhancing your financial processes and workflow is crucial for success. Join Dawn Brolin, CPA, CPE, and the Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals, as she explores key aspects of fraud prevention, efficiency improvement, and maintaining control in your practice through advanced technological solutions. Learn about the nuances of cash management, card-based transactions, and keeping precise records of receipts using technology. Find out how automation simplifies bill management, approval processes, and integration with ERP systems to save time, ensure accuracy, and ultimately lead to a more robust and profitable practice.

Register for the event at the link below.

Workflows are more than an industry buzzword word or business jargon, but what does “workflow” actually mean? Put simply: a workflow is something you already use every day – whether you call them workflows, guidelines, or processes.

In this webinar, Dawn Brolin, the Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals, and Kat Sloan, Sales Manager at Corpay, will discuss how implementing a comprehensive spend management platform helps to optimize workflow processes to focus on higher-level advisory services and provide clients with an intuitive and secure solution for all aspects of their payment needs.

Ready to spend time on what matters most? Let’s get to the heart and productivity of powering your business with automation. This webinar is for practitioners offering bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory services and firms looking to increase and expand their revenue streams by utilizing payables as part of their service offerings.

Learning Objectives: 

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