Nate Flake: Out of the Fishbowl! Joins Dawn

January 27, 2022

Episode Summary

Nate Flake, VP of Operations at Fishbowl, joins Dawn Brown, CPA, CFE, to talk about his upcoming summit, and to discuss the inventory management services that Fish Bowl provides. Listen now and learn why investing in the right software, connecting with industry professionals, and having a strong team working behind the scenes of your business can lead to its success! 

This episode is sponsored by Fishbowl.

Fishbowl Summit and Nate’s Motivation

Nate talks about the upcoming virtual summit that Fishbowl is hosting and shares his excitement to have a dedicated conference to discuss inventory management. He talks about how the conference will cover everything in an SMB toolkit to give business owners the knowledge and resources to help achieve their company goals.

Importance of Proper Inventory Management

Dawn and Nate discuss how important it is to have correct inventory management to have a successful business, and cutting corners will cause more problems in the long run.

Nate discusses how Fishbowl, his Inventory management company, can help businesses save time, money, and can be installed locally on your desktop.

Benefits of New Hosting Service “Quarium”

Nate also discusses another branch of his company called Quarium, which provides businesses with a hosting service to run Quickbooks and other professional accounting software.

The service also includes a “partner portal” which allows accounting professionals to easily access information from their clients without headache or hassle.

Dawn adds how she appreciates the security that Fishbowl and Quarium can provide to businesses.

Nate also talks about how investing in the right technology in your business early on can benefit your company in the long run. 

“There’s hundreds of companies that are making the right steps and investing in the right technology, and they’re blowing up. It’s crazy.

Importance of Building a Foundation for Your Business-:19:42

Dawn talks about the importance of having a solid foundation in your business, and falling short on areas like inventory, can greatly hurt the growth of your business. Investing in the correct software can greatly improve the structure and flow of a business.

Nate agrees and shares how he appreciates Dawn’s integrity when it comes to working and fighting for her clients.

Partner Program at Fishbowl-26:34

Nate also discusses how Fishbowl has implemented a Partner Program that connects accounting professionals to other industry professionals that can help streamline productivity and increase the success of a business.


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