Team Brolin is super pumped to have ADP as an integral part of the Starting Line Up in Dawn's Home Run Tech Stack. One of the key reasons? ADP Accountant ConnectSM lets Dawn outsource her clients’ payroll without sacrificing control, and the ADP Accountant Revenue Share Incentive Program provides her with ongoing revenue to compensate for whatever time she dedicates to it.

"When you first get started in business, you kind of do anything to make money. In the beginning, Powerful Accounting was offering bookkeeping and in-house payroll services," says Dawn. "But I quickly realized that payroll was not my friend. It ties you down—every quarter, you have to make sure those tax returns are completed and that they’re done correctly and all the payments are being made. I realized years ago that I didn’t want to be an expert in payroll."

Dawn's ADP Story

Read how Dawn's firm, Powerful Accounting, uses ADP to serve her clients.

Starting Line Up: ADP

See ADP in action in the Team Brolin All-Star Playbook.

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