Fishbowl has been the #1 inventory management add-on for QuickBooks for over a decade, therefore a valuable asset to the Starting Line Up in Dawn's Home Run Tech Stack. While Dawn doesn’t deal with inventory or manufacturing in her own business, she has worked with hundreds of clients who do and she has always found that they are in good hands with Fishbowl.

“There are countless solutions out there in the mid-market inventory space, but what I love about Fishbowl is they actually care about their clients success. Their implementation team is first class, they hold the clients hand through the entire onboarding process, and they make me look and feel good as the partner. It’s a rare thing to find partners that are good at what they do and that you genuinely click with and enjoy being around. The team at Fishbowl is the real deal – even if they do beat me at cornhole every once in a while. That was one time guys! Get over it.”

Company Overview

Fishbowl provides the #1 requested manufacturing and warehouse management solutions for QuickBooks! 
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Starting Line-up Stats

Fishbowl is perfect for clients requiring inventory management, so partner up with their amazing team to hit a home run!

Fishbowl DMs

Hear how Fishbowl is helping accounting professionals knock it out of the park!

The DM Disruption podcasts featuring Fishbowl friends Beverly Lang and Nate Flake are here! 

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