Veem is an all-in-one AP/AR solution that offers the next generation of financial tools to accountants and bookkeepers that simplifies processes and helps their business grow. Manage your client's domestic and international payments in a solution that uses your accounting platform as the source of truth. For nearly a decade, Veem is trusted by more than 400,000 businesses in over 110 countries to send and receive money globally. Veem is licensed and regulated in each country and state it serves.

Dawn also loves the fact that Veem is affordable and also integrates with so many key accounting platforms: 

"Veem has seamless, real time syncing and two-way integrations with QuickBooks Online, Xero and Netsuite, it also makes recurring billing a breeze. And, did I mention, it’s free? Even international transactions do not cost a dime!"

All-in-One Solution 

Veem provides a dashboard for accountants, making it easy to switch between clients and to send and manage domestic and international payments, in one place. Veem’s robust integration with top accounting softwares, QuickBooks Online, Xero and Netsuite provides real time sync with a two-way integration. 

Best in Class Specialized Support 

Veem offers accountants and their vendors best in class support that’s available 24/7. More than just a chatbot, Veem’s multilingual accountant team is with you every step of the way to get you set up for success. 

Transparency & Control 

Gone are the days of having three separate processes to pay by ACH, check, or wire transfer. Veem provides a simplified process for ACH, check, wire transfer and pay card, with no subscription fees. Veem offers all the features you need to streamline your reconciliations with user permissions/roles, payment tracking, mass pay and other payment and invoicing features. 

Commitment & Trust 

Clients can trust their data is secure through Veem’s secure-by-design approach. Veem has established strict security controls required under SOC2 and follows strict information security policies. Veem is a Money Transmitter licensed to send and receive payments in over 110 countries. 

Visit Veem for more information or get in touch at [email protected].

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