If you’ve followed me for any time, you know I looove technology–learning about it, experimenting with it, using it to drive efficiencies and ROI, and, of course, sharing my experiences with it to help others.

There is one thing, though, that I try never to lose sight of and I think it’s a point that can never be made enough. Technology is the means to the end, not the means itself. This is all part of the process I lay out in my book, The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals, and in my Reassess Your Success courses.

An app, no matter how cool it is, is still a tool–and the effect of using it on people is what we should really be focused on when it comes to evaluation and implementation…not to mention the actual usage of it.  That’s why it’s so important to view technology as a critical touchpoint for your team and your clients.

With this in mind I offer the following considerations to think through when it comes to your firm’s tech stack and how effective it is beyond a tactical workflow standpoint:

  1. Who is using the particular technology in question?
  2.  Is your intended app client-facing?  If so, what are clients seeing when they use your solution? How are they feeling about it?
  3. If the technology tool is for your team to use, what pain points are they facing? Do they need additional training to get maximum benefit? What are their thoughts on the software?

No matter who is using the technology in your tech stack, be sure to take the time and make the effort to understand what their user experience is like and then consider if the internal experience differs significantly from the external one (i.e. your team loves it and your clients don’t, or vice versa). If this is the case, then it’s definitely worth evaluating a different tool. And if no one is happy…then it’s definitely time to reassess your success with that particular application, in my opinion.

Here is an example of a tool we chose, and why it works so well for us.  We needed a way for clients to securely send documents and sensitive information to our firm.  But we ALSO needed the tool to create transparency for staff and a “single source of truth” for all documents, esignatures, messages and discussion threads, and tasks for the client, and for the firm.  We chose Liscio to fulfill this “job” in our tech lineup.  Clients love it, and my staff can move faster because we aren’t having to chase clients for overdue items, or search in endless email strings, or look in multiple places for documents they sent.  We also don’t get texts anymore which is a  HUGE bonus because we can actually have our personal cell phones back. 

The most important takeaway here, one that I hope you will take to heart is that tech is just the tool–but it has become a critical touch point for the people who drive your business forward. Namely your team and your clients, so open up that feedback loop and make changes as necessary to ensure it supports the exceptional client experience and workplace culture you want to have!  Then choose the right tools for each stakeholder to use.  You will create delight and productivity like never before!

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