Bookkeeping and time-consuming are synonyms in my mind (I can think of a few other choice words, too). Seriously, there is absolutely no need for manual bookkeeping any longer…and no, adopting this modern mindset and automating the process is not going to put your firm out of business! In fact, it will help you grow it exponentially, if that’s your goal.

Consider how many businesses there are today all using ecommerce payment apps, almost every business uses at least one or more, likely three or four. There’s no way to accurately and efficiently track all of the transactions into accounting software. And why would you want to handle this manually? 

I don’t. I use Bookkeep for all of my clients’ ecommerce payment transactions. This app was literally a life-changing discovery I made a couple of years ago at a conference. I met the awesome Bookkeep team, learned about the amazing QuickBooks and ecommerce integrations and I was sold! In case you are wondering, it’s completely affordable and the implementation took maybe 10 minutes. That’s all it takes and, as I can personally attest to, Bookkeep’s automation saves on average at least 20 hours per month per client. Seriously, it’s freaking amazing!

When you use Bookkeep you will be able to master multi-channel ecommerce payments for any business from brick and mortar service-based businesses like restaurants, medical offices, hair salons… the list goes on, plus all of those ecommerce businesses. If you are handling any of these, you know what a nightmare it can be to sort through transactions from all of the various apps, payment processors, and sales platforms.

Bookkeep seamlessly takes all of the transactions from just about any digital point of sale payment app including Square, Shopify, Grubhub, Amazon Seller, Squarespace, Stripe, and many more. The app takes all of those thousands of transactions (including up to five years of historical data in QuickBooks) and automatically syncs them with QuickBooks, which means it can all flow to wherever you need it to go next such as your tax, reporting, or other software for sales tax returns, tax preparation, and profit and loss reports, to name just a few engagements where this data is critical.

Another thing that is so important when selecting apps is the quality of the partner you choose. Bookkeep is the leading provider of summarized financial automation and deposit reconciliation for retail, restaurant, cannabis and ecommerce businesses and they have invested in deep integrations with accounting systems like QuickBooks, Xero, Sage Intacct and NetSuite. 

So if you haven’t already stopped reading this blog to immediately implement Bookkeep to manage your mess of manual bookkeeping, why the heck not? Ecommerce clients should not eat away your efficiency! Do not let this happen, go get Bookkeep now, and stop the insanity of multi-channel ecommerce bookkeeping with a single app! 

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