Workflows are more than an industry buzzword word or business jargon, but what does “workflow” actually mean? Put simply: a workflow is something you already use every day – whether you call them workflows, guidelines, or processes.

In this webinar, Dawn Brolin, the Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals, and Kat Sloan, Sales Manager at Corpay, will discuss how implementing a comprehensive spend management platform helps to optimize workflow processes to focus on higher-level advisory services and provide clients with an intuitive and secure solution for all aspects of their payment needs.

Ready to spend time on what matters most? Let’s get to the heart and productivity of powering your business with automation. This webinar is for practitioners offering bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory services and firms looking to increase and expand their revenue streams by utilizing payables as part of their service offerings.

Learning Objectives: 

Join Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, and The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals in Dawn’s Dugout for live Q & A sessions on proposals, pricing and getting paid on Monday, Aug. 7 from 2 to 3 p.m. EST. Let’s get into what’s on your mind!
Register here and submit any questions you have, so we can discuss them.

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