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Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals live from Scaling New Heights 2021 discovers the Ultimate Bookkeeping Solution with bookkeep™, CEO, Jason Richelson.


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Dawn Brolin 0:04
Well, hello, everybody. And welcome back to the DM Disruption. We’re here to talk about action where you take action with your business. And I found a new app! I found a new app at Scaling New Heights, bookkeep! Jason Richelson, with me today to talk about where did this come from? And where have you been my whole life and that kind of stuff. So introduce yourself. Tell us what bookkeep.com is doing on the accounting.

Jason Richelson 0:29
Yeah, okay. My name is Jason Richeson. And I started with bookkeep. We started actually as a bookkeeping firm. We still have bookkeeping customers we basically started to try and automate the entire bookkeeping process. And the one thing that we figured out that wasn’t being done is all these losses that are hitting your bank account. So restaurant, we serve a bunch of restaurants. So you’ve got GrubHub DoorDash. And basically, we’re like, we got to put these properly, we got to log into the system, we got to get the logins and we realized that this is becoming a bigger, bigger problem with restaurants, every single app that you see every single tablet, or deposit in your bank account. When you’re doing Shopify, there’s up to 10 famous types of Shopify stores. And as a bookkeeper, you will have to properly book sales. So that’s essentially our software does, it’s really to help CPAs small bookkeepers, big bookkeepers, automate that process so they don’t have to do it. Wait a second, what is this Door Dash cost, what are the fees, are there sales tax in there? Wait, I lost my login and I need you to get it back to me. When you connected with us and stays connected, we capture the data, we post it properly, we make sure to always reconcile to the deposits. So we essentially automate all that for you on a daily basis.

Dawn Brolin 1:48
So that’s awesome. But I do, obviously, people know I do a lot of IRS representation work. And one of the key areas that they focus on in their audits are really driven from revenue. Right? They don’t necessarily want of course, if you’re throwing expenses into the tax year, and they’re all even numbers, that’s kind of a red flag, right. But when it comes to gross revenue, and making sure we’re not posting, we’re not taking sales tax into account as income, right? You’re mapping all of that.

Jason Richelson 2:12
Yeah, yeah. And actually, what I’ve learned from this conference is one of our biggest competitors is that a lot of accountants are just booking it as revenue, because it’s too hard to figure out what it is. And either they can’t get the owner to give them a login or the client for its, I don’t want to login and figure this out. So so we automate that. So really getting the word out that we do this is really kind of what we’re doing is like, Oh, I didn’t know I could do that.

Dawn Brolin 2:36
Well, it looks awesome! I have a client on Fisher’s Island, New York, and she’s a small boutique, and she has QuickBooks point of sale. But she also has online sales, and she uses Shopify for online sales. And what we find is to get that information directly out of Shopify and then into QuickBooks has been really a pain for her. So this is like a big deal for those retailers who are trying to and especially the, we don’t want to do the stuff that you’re doing. Because there’s no value add on transaction management, right? Your transaction management is a thing of the past. You know, prior to all these great applications and solutions. We had to hand key we were hand keyers. That was it. It’s not like that anymore. So why did you stop, you so you started bookkeep? And you just saw this need? Oh, my goodness, the volume!

Jason Richelson 3:21
I, and I should say this before I start, I was at Shopkeep.

Dawn Brolin 3:24
Oh Shopkeep! Everyone knows shop!

Jason Richelson 3:28
Yeah, so shopkeep was, so I have a huge amount of experience building the front end system. And actually, one of the last things I did at Shopkeep before I moved was to build the accounting integration. So I always, even on my stores, I built that integration into Quick Books two year agos. So I’ve always known. I just realized, oh, where we want accountants is to really think about us as their outsourced data entry automation department, right. So we actually have a new program just for this show. It’s $99. Unlimited, if you have to be a pro advisor, really certified, it’s your business…

Dawn Brolin 4:10
You want to work with people who know what they’re doing. Pro advisors know what they’re doing.

Jason Richelson 4:14
Exactly, well we want to build a business, if they have their own business. Not be afraid of E commerce not be afraid oh they’re using Stripe, they’re using PayPal, I don’t want to touch it. Just make the connections, make it flow properly. And if you have problems or things and we know your CPAs literally CPAs on customer care, I also see those chats. I mean, as we get bigger, but we’re hiring people who know what bookkeepers do and they’re smart, but really our focus is that. Whereas integration to QuickBooks, it doesn’t work if….so we know both sides of it, we understand what’s weird with QuickBooks, what are you doing with the account that we were trying to post to? Why is square, what Square data count? Well, Square’s API is down….

Dawn Brolin 5:11
That is a big deal. That’s a big deal. That’s what I was I was talking fishbowl a little bit earlier that when you have a software solution that knows both sides of the transaction, they know, we know the bookkeeper side, we also know the QuickBooks side, that relationship is a better relationship than there are other applications where they know their side is what we integrate, we do this but but then when you have a problem with the way it comes into QuickBooks, and you’re looking in the QuickBooks, if you don’t have the expertise, and you have a vendor that doesn’t have that expertise, you might want to think twice, because you’re able to support us in that way.

Jason Richelson 5:46
And support you the proper way I gave I gave a talk yesterday about accounting integration, that I use so many apps, myself and my own business and with our clients, you know, things like the sync button, you click the sync button, the payroll system, and then it posts another journal entry. Like it says sync, it should be syncing, matching with my audit trail should go to the same entry and I have a trail that they post, because they just don’t even get it what do you have to do every day? Right? And then cleaning that up? And then you can’t find the link to that journal entry that they posted? Where is it now I got to search for it. Ours, our system, it’s back and forth, we can send you back into QuickBooks in the right place. Does that mean our QuickBooks back to Shopify or square to the right place? Before a wrong the journal entry? Eventually, yep, data in our journal entries and all sorts of sales receipts in your future that tell you this is a sales summary from this exact time period if your timezone is off? Why is this not matching? Your timezone? Your sales summary is this, and you have your batch setup wrong, which is why those aren’t matching. So you’ll be able to figure that out without having to go back to Square or Shopify.

Dawn Brolin 6:51
And that’s a huge deal. Because when it comes to those same, the same, and how it comes in is so important. You’re crazy. So Michelle, so far, you know, and how this all works. I know for me, so many times the data is coming in and it’s not necessarily coming in right in the vendor doesn’t know how to help us solve for that. And you guys have that figured out. And I see that happens all the time. When it comes to retrieving information, shove it into QuickBooks. So we’re really excited to work with you guys and get the word out. Listen, people, if you have not figured out yet, the transactions are going to come into QuickBooks, not by your fingers, it’s going to come in through a solution like bookkeep, that’s going to give you the data that you need to drive and drill down if that’s what you need. So it’s been awesome, Jason, you’re talking to you. And there’s an emergency, which is totally fine. And so what I want to thank everyone for listening and we’ll talk to you guys soon. Here we are with bookkeep.com We’ll talk to y’all soon. Bye bye.

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