Dawn Brolin is here to chat about paying attention to the 2023 tax law changes and how we can have communications and conversations with our clients as we work through this tax season and how that can change the structure of your firm. As we know, the tax law changes every year, some are very significant and Dawn wants to encourage you to embrace even a handful and start the conversations with your clients about the potential impact that they will have on their tax bills. Having these conversations and being aware of the tax changes can really help you move toward subscription pricing, or as Dawn calls it, relationship pricing.

*this is a paid partnership

Here we are again! Another tax season is upon us. I invite you to take control of what I call “productive season” (not busy season!) by joining me February 13, 2023 for a webinar with Heather Sperduto, Vice President of Sales Operations, Accountant Channel at ADP. We will show you how to make this tax season different than any other.

Take away practical tips to help you improve your processes, including documenting pain points, changing the way you look at a tax return, and key technology considerations. Our learning objectives include:

Let’s look at this tax season as a time ripe with possibilities! I will show you how I am taking a new approach to tax season as a launching point for advisory, too, including relationship pricing. Join me at this webinar and make 2023 your most productive tax season ever! Register now.

Getting ready for another tax season? Join us for an interactive discussion with industry experts Dawn Brolin and Sean Duncan on how you can make this tax season the best one yet. In this webinar, we will explore the benefits of adding tax advisory services to your accounting practice.

We will discuss how it can help you differentiate your services, increase your revenue, and take advantage of the current demand for tax advisory services. Our panelists will share their firsthand experience in offering tax advisory services to their clients and the success they have seen as a result.

We will also cover the steps you can take to start offering tax advisory services in your own practice. You’ll walk away with practical tips on how to get started and succeed in this area. The panelists will share how you can leverage Intuit Tax Advisor and Ignition to fast track your tax advisory service offerings. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts and explore the potential of adding tax advisory services to your practice.

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