Here in Connecticut, I feel like we are starting to emerge a little bit into a “new normal” when it comes to being able to be out and about doing our regular routines—and even better, being able to connect personally with people again!

I believe that being in the same physical space and having social contact with people is fundamental to our health, well-being, and the quality of our relationships—this goes for both personal and professional interactions in my book! Sometimes our geographic proximity makes having virtual-only interactions necessary, but when you can really connect in the flesh with the people you do business with, that’s when the ideas and power of a partnership can really flow!

This is why I was so thrilled to get together with my local payroll partners from ADP —Paige Mazrek, my dedicated representative and A.J. Gemmel, Paige’s Manager. I also brought along two of my teammates who rocked the Team Brolin Starting Line Up jerseys with me! (ADP is #5 in the Starting Line Up Tech Stack that I use to run my accounting practice.)   

We had a delicious lunch and celebrated the success we’ve had together as a result of my participation in the ADP Accountant Revenue Share Incentive Program. This personal relationship means so much to me as an accounting practitioner because ADP is more than just my payroll provider—I decided years ago that doing in-house payroll was not the best way to serve my clients—but outsourcing it to a trusted company is. 

The people I work with at ADP are invested in the success of my practice. They bring me new ideas and solutions to help my business keep growing and to ensure the success of my payroll clients. It truly is a win-win relationship.

Thank you Paige, AJ, and the whole ADP Team—you are Rock Stars!

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