Clients are relying on their accountants and bookkeepers more than ever to learn what technology solutions are available and which solutions are the best fit for them. Accounting professionals have the opportunity to do this while also elevating their status to trusted advisors, by educating clients on key issues. Join Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, and QuickBooks Top 10 ProAdvisor, and Kelly Gonsalves, QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor (™) and Insightful Accountant Top 10 ProAdvisor, as they talk about how to minimize risk and fraud exposure while keeping tech workflows streamlined. And most important – how to express to clients why these changes matter so you can rally them to your side.

In this session, Dawn Brolin and Kelly Gonsalves will address the two main topics that can get clients interested and keep them committed to your chosen tech stack: security and simplicity.  Not only will these two powerhouses be discussing the most impactful takeaways for clients regarding security and streamlining workflows, but they will also provide you with actionable guidance to confidently talk to clients about adopting your recommended tech stack, risk management, and many more areas of your client’s business.

Learning Objectives:

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