In honor of International Women’s Day, Cin7 and Intuit would like to invite you to our 2023 Women in Tech panel discussion. Hear from our amazing panel of inspiring women who have various experience in leadership roles, are thriving in a male-dominated tech industry and experience in starting a thriving small business. We hope to educate and empower other women to strive for better representation and equality in their workplace.

With these statistics, we still have much to achieve:

Representation: 36% of senior executives in large companies are women.
Women in Tech: 26% of the tech workforce is women, with only 5% in leadership roles.
Entrepreneurship: 42% of new entrepreneurs in the US are women, but receive only 2% venture capital funding.
Gender Pay Gap: Women in the US earn .82 cents for every dollar earned by men.
It takes a community of like-minded women to support each other and through networking, mentorships, collaboration and sharing of resources, we can celebrate our successes and effect change.

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