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Build a Thriving Tax & Advisory Practice with Intuit and Ignition

If you feel overworked this tax season, it’s time to get your life back! Join Dawn Brolin, CPA, as she takes you through her billing model best practices, identifies scalable approaches to tax advisory services, and shares practical insights that will redefine your client experience. You will also learn how Dawn leverages Intuit ProConnect and […]


Transitioning From Compliance to Relationship Pricing

Sick of hammering out 1040s for clients who don’t listen and don’t seem to care?  It's time to elevate yourself and your practice and get paid what you are worth! Join Dawn Brolin (Powerful Accounting and your Designated Motivator) for a special workshop on Thursday, January 25th where she walks you through how she took […]


Get Workflow Right in 2024

Each day, Kellie and Dawn will take turns showing you how to systematically document your processes and develop your workflow so you can: Reach your goals for your firm this year (without grappling with inefficiencies) Have a better tax season and hit client targets By the end of this 3-day challenge, you should have your […]

How to Leverage Tax Season to Grow Your Advisory Practice

ADP Webinar

Tax season can be an excellent opportunity to grow your advisory practice. Join Dawn W. Brolin, CPA, CFE, the CEO of Powerful Accounting, and learn how to provide strategic advice to your clients during this busy time. Gain critical insights on identifying opportunities and delivering value-added services.

Dawn Brolin’s insider tips for IRS rep work readiness

Ignition Webinar

Don't miss your chance to join Dawn Brolin as she shares three indispensable strategies to ensure your practice is not just prepared, but excels in handling IRS notices. What you'll learn:  Mastering Client Expectations: Learn how to set crystal clear expectations using contracts and Engagement Letters. Efficiency with Technology: Discover how to leverage Ignition & […]

How I Doubled My Income: 7 Steps to Pricing Your Practice

Dext Webinar

Sick of hammering out good work for clients who don’t listen and don’t seem to care?  It’s time to elevate yourself and your practice and get paid what you are worth! Join Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE (CEO Powerful Accounting and your Designated Motivator) to learn how to do it in real time. Dawn will walk […]

Navigating engagement letter fallout

Ignition Webinar

Join Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, in a compelling session that reveals how a flawed engagement process nearly derailed her practice and well-being.  This webinar isn't just a recount of challenges; it's a guide to strengthening your defence against legal threats. Gain essential insights and strategies to protect your practice, learning from Dawn's first-hand experience. Secure […]

Optimizing Workflow: Key to Successful Client Relationships

FinancialCents Webinar

Success in firm management is often directly impacted by the quality of client relationships. Great client management, in turn, is often a result of great workflow. A firm that gets workflow right has a higher chance of aligning its clients to its processes and seeing success.  Oftentimes, firms want their clients to do the right […]

Tales from the trenches The good, the bad, and the funny of tax season

Ignition Webinar

Join us to discover the best, worst, and funniest stories from this tax season. Learn how our expert panelists navigated challenges and managed unexpected issues, like when a client attempted to write off a $12K pool expense for client meetings, or landscaping costs as a home office expense. Hear firsthand how they kept their composure […]

Revolutionizing Accounting with AI: Insights from Dawn Brolin

The integration of AI into our workstack is not just innovative; it's essential for staying ahead. Dawn will share her invaluable insights on how AI is not only reshaping accounting practices but also ensuring that firms operate efficiently and securely in a digital landscape.  Discover the risks associated with remote work and the strategic role […]

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Shopify that CAN Hurt You

Bookkeep Webinar

If you are a CFO or Controller of an ecommerce business, or a CPA or Bookkeeper who serves ecommerce clients, you can’t afford to miss this Webinar! Shopify is a powerful platform that enables businesses to sell more products easily, but the accounting is complex. And these businesses need you to do it right. Come […]

Take Control Over Your Firm

Feeling stuck in a rut with your accounting firm? Join my session at Future Forward, "Take Control Over Your Firm" on May 22nd!  This webinar will unlock 3 key strategies to empower your practice and drive success: Chart Your Course: Learn the power of strategic planning to set clear goals and stay ahead of the […]

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