Motivation to Help You Maximize Every Moment at Accounting Web Live Summit and Post-Tax Season Events

April 19, 2022

I know, I know, we are in the final stretch of tax season and you may be thinking, Why the heck is Brolin blogging about events now? Doesn’t she know that the tax deadline is just days away? I can’t even…


I hear you! Yes, this is a beyond busy time for many of us, believe me, I know my tax prep work queue is my priority right now!  However, I also just finished booking my room for Accounting Web Live Summit, which is coming up in only a few weeks. I am pumped to attend, not only because I am participating in some amazing fireside chats, panels, and other parts of the program, but because together with my Starting Lineup team members and partners, we are hosting the Home Run Happy Hour in the exhibit hall on Tuesday, May 10 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. There will be food, beverages, music, prizes, and a lot of opportunities to tune up your tech stack…plus we have some cool surprises so be sure to stay tuned! 


You can sign up here to get the Team Brolin Starting Lineup Homerun Happy Hour event details right to your inbox and we’ll also be giving you the option for text updates soon.


Of course, Accounting Web Live Summit in San Diego is the first of quite a few events to consider attending this spring and summer. From the AICPA’s Engage conference, to Scaling New Heights, through to any number of the virtual events such as Insightful Accountant’s Future Forward Conference there are many venues available for accounting, tax and bookkeeping professionals to network with peers and solution providers; to learn best practices and new strategies for optimizing workflows, profits, and productivity; earn some CPE; and of course, just have some fun away from the office!


Coming out from under the cloud of Covid-19, I have found that connecting in-person with colleagues and partners has been really refreshing and rewarding, even if sometimes it feels like I don’t have time to do so before I go. After the fact, I am always glad that I did because the insights and ideas that I come away with are worth their weight in gold. Not to mention, it can be extremely reassuring and stress-relieving to feel the support of a larger community of accounting professionals. I think it is important to really have that face time with each other so we feel less alone, expand our networks, and learn from each other. 


The support I receive from peers like you is simply priceless! I think most of us would agree that making the time and effort to attend accounting profession events is well worth it. So take a breather between now and April 18 to register for at least one virtual and one in-person event happening this summer, it will give you something to look forward to and once you are there, I have no doubt you’ll benefit from being reinvigorated and inspired, which is exactly the type of motivation we need to make the remainder of 2022 a home run personally and professionally.

I hope we can connect soon at an event. Check out some of the Team Brolin opportunities, too, to start your post-tax season event and networking plans!

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