Streamlining Your Accounting Workflow with Financial Cents

    Episode Summary Join Dawn Brolin and Shahram Zarshenas, CEO of Financial Cents, as they delve into the world of accounting workflow optimization. In this episode, Dawn discusses the top features that are transforming the accounting industry, including the Client Inbox and Workflow management. Discover how Financial Sense simplifies complex tasks, enhances client communication, […]

Revolutionizing Business Bookkeeping: Automated Growth and Seamless Reporting

Episode Summary In this episode of DM Disruption, host Dawn Brolin dives into the future of business bookkeeping with special guest Jason Richelson, CEO at Bookkeep. They explore how technology is changing the landscape of accounting, making it more efficient and accurate than ever before. Jason shares insights about his innovative tool, Bookkeep, which streamlines […]

Safeguarding Cash: Unveiling the Secrets of Fraud Protection

Episode Summary In this podcast, join host Dawn Brolin and guest Eric from Corpay One as they delve into the world of fraud protection and the importance of safeguarding cash in businesses. As a Certified Fraud Examiner and CPA, Dawn shares insights on the fraud triangle and the three crucial elements that contribute to fraudulent […]

App Advisory and the Future of Subscription Pricing

Episode Summary In this episode, Dawn and Eric from Corpay One discuss the concept of app advisory as a service and its role in subscription pricing. They highlight the importance of technology in client conversations and how implementing the right solutions can bring additional revenue to accounting firms while making everyone’s life easier. They also […]

Accounting Insights: Mastering Reasonable Compensation and Entity Selection

Now is perfect time to shift into tax planning mode for your SMB (small-to-medium business) clients. Why tax planning? To me, it’s the ultimate, easy way to engage clients into a deeper advisory relationship. Plus, it’s a fundamental strategy that creates a win-win for you and your clients.

Matthew Cohen from Nine Toe Five Joins Dawn!

  This episode is sponsored by Bookkeep. Learn more at https://www.bookkeep.com/ Listen on Apple Music: Listen on spotify Music: Episode Summary Matthew Cohen, Founder of Nine Toe Five, joins Dawn! In this episode, Matthew shares his difficult beginnings as an entrepreneur, how he built his sock business to inspire others, and how he plans to […]

Paul Hamann from RC Reports Joins Dawn!

  Episode Summary This episode is sponsored by Canopy. Learn more at https://www.getcanopy.com/ Paul Hamann, the founder of RC Reports, joins Dawn to talk in-depth about reasonable compensation and how his business can help firms present accurate reasonable compensation figures to their clients. Listen now to learn why Paul started RC Reports, the consequences of […]

Chris Farrell and Alison Ball from Liscio Join Dawn!

This episode is sponsored by Liscio. Learn more at https://liscio.me/   Episode Summary Liscio joins the DM Disruption! Join Dawn as she chats with Chris Farrell, the CEO of Liscio, and Alison Ball, the Director of Marketing and Influencer Strategy at Liscio. In this episode, you’ll learn the importance of maintaining proper cyber security in […]

Thomas Ruscitti & Emily Hedrick from Bookkeep join Dawn!

This episode is sponsored by Bookkeep. Learn more at https://www.bookkeep.com/   Episode Summary Thomas Ruscitti & Emily Hedrick from Bookkeep join Dawn! Listen now to learn about Thomas and Emily, why Bookkeep is the go-to bookkeeping solution for accounting firms, and how automation is the future of this industry!   Episode Notes   Tom and […]

John Coleman Joins Dawn!

  Episode Summary This episode is sponsored by SmartVault. Learn more at https://www.smartvault.com/ John Coleman, the owner of Commonwealth Business services, joins the DM Disruption! Listen now to learn how John uses SmartVault in his business, and how proper file management can save your firm time!   Episode Notes   How John Found SmartVault John […]

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