When I first started using SmartVault more than 10 years ago, I realized that it needed to be the hub of my practice workflow. It truly fills that role for my practice. The first thing we do when we get a new client is onboard them with access to their folders in SmartVault.

We put a repeatable system in place with a specific folder setup which we use for every client. It makes it so much easier to scale our services. In fact, during the pandemic we added close to 100 new tax clients without increasing our staff time because we have that system in place.

Learn more about Dawn's success and how she powers up her practice with SmartVault here.

Dawn's SmartVault Story

Read how Dawn's firm, Powerful Accounting, uses SmartVault  to keep her clients' and firm data secure while maximizing the efficiency and productivity of her tech stack with tax, practice management and other key integrations.

Starting Line Up: SmartVault

See SmartVault in action.

Get in the Game with SmartVault!

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